Message from the Director

As a father, worker and former student I understand and appreciate the pressure and discomfort adults have when they’re considering a career change.  Memories of studying aren’t always fond ones.  But the world has changed and there is now a better way to start a more satisfying career without the pain and stress of traditional study.

After a career of more than 12 years in education I knew it was time for something different.  It was time to harness new learning technologies and faster internet speeds and to use these to deliver cutting-edge experiences for working adults who need flexible study and want a more rewarding career.  Ivy College is unabashedly built around meeting the needs of adult learners like you.  Online study, flexible courses and high touch, high care support aren’t just after-thoughts for us – they are the core of what we offer.

I congratulate you for taking the first step towards career satisfaction, which can never be underestimated as a driver for a more fulfilling life, and I look forward to welcoming you to Ivy College.

Peter Mobbs

CEO and Executive Director