We believe:

  • Too many people don’t like their job
  • If you spend most of your waking hours at work you have to really love what you do
  • Changing careers or getting a better job in your current career takes courage, but it doesn’t need to be difficult
  • There must be a simple way for adult learners to get the skills, knowledge and support necessary to change or improve their career in a way that meets their unique needs
  • Nobody is better placed to provide flexible courses and enable new careers than us


A world where more people are employed to their complete satisfaction.


To provide educational experiences that support the unique needs of working adults as they transition towards new careers.


Fair and equitable access to education

Funwe don’t need to take ourselves too seriously in order to deliver the highest quality in all that we do

Flexible in our approach and our service delivery

Fonsistent and reliable - standing by our word and delivering on our promises

Being a positive influence in the community, rather than simply being a business, through our support of local charities including McGrath Foundation and Red Kite.

Customer advocacyby facilitating positive educational and support experiences worthy of sharing we hope that our customers  become our biggest advocates